Creepiest places

creepiest places

See 20 of the creepiest places in the world. They range from sunken ships to lost caves to the discovery of piles of bones. They'll give you the chills. Cahawba was Alabama's first state capital, but by the early 20th century, most of the residents had moved and many buildings fell into disrepair. Twitter: Facebook: MatthewSantoro Instagram.

Creepiest places - die

Because of this, many say the Lemp residence is haunted, with people claiming to have seen the spirits of Elsa and Charles. The basement in particular is said to be crawling with activity , where it's been reported that glasses fly off shelves and a presence is felt. A Waterpark For The Disabled Just Opened, And The Photos Are Pure Joy. Nina Mohan BuzzFeed Staff. Alcatraz Island has been home to a Civil War fortress, a bird sanctuary, the American Indian Red Power movement, and — most famously — a prison.


Top 10 CREEPIEST Places You Should NEVER VISIT


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